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Luxury Redefined: Indulge in the Exclusive Amenities of Our Resort

Defined by a series of as many moments as one can call ‘an experience’, traveling today is as much a lifestyle that one indulges in as it is a vacation getaway. Young and old alike, in groups and as a solo backpacker, with traveling groups and in the company of friends and family; packing the bags to spend a day out is now an ensemble endeavor that everyone embraces with a sense of passion.

The idea of traveling has evolved from being all about the destination to embarking upon a loosely structured journey made of personalized moments; an unforgettable memory that one can curate to include nature, adventure, and opulence. To step away from one’s busy schedule amidst the hustling and bustling social arena oftentimes inspires in one, the longing for luxuries that one does not experience in the mundane; luxuries that allow one to explore worlds that are unfamiliar, exciting, and relaxing.

Redefining Luxury at Hombale Resorts- Best resort near Kanakapura

Located at about 50 kms away from Bangalore’s urban pace, Hombale Resorts offer a homestay experience of luxury living. Enveloped within an opulent spread of nature in its earthy bliss, our resorts are built to be laden with comfortable and fun filled options that you can make the most of.

Our packages include both outdoor and indoor options along with a whole host of activities for all age groups. Aside from adventurous options for both children and adults, the swimming pool and the joy of rain dance are assured to add a dollop of joy to your memory with us.

The luxury of being free and out in the open is a rarity in today’s day and age; a one where you can explore the joy of climbing into the natural world, pedal a boat, and play with ropes, arrows, and under the rain. Bonfires were once upon a time, the source of warmth that families gathered around and today, one may not be able to indulge in a camping experience close home.

Irrespective of the package you choose, at this Luxurious resort In Kanakapura the child in you is sure to come alive. Your longing to discover both the natural landscape and yourself in the freedom that adventure activities come with is the wish we fulfill Hombale Resorts.

Exclusivity at Hombale Resorts

Available round the clock, our staff is committed to live up to the promise of exclusivity we welcome you with at Hombale Resorts. All our packages include healthy and tasty food that we serve with warmth that one can only find in the countryside. You can choose your accommodation and activities to explore by picking one of our packages.

By providing you with a range of accommodation and activities, the exclusivity you will find at Hombale Resorts sets us apart. The following enlist the luxury of exclusivity that we invite you to enjoy -

Day Out - For those of you who seek the outdoors on your getaway, you are in for a treat. Spend the day exploring rope activities, pedal boating, archery, trekking, and a whole lot of indoor and outdoor games and activities with your friends or/and family. Our children’s play area is just as exciting and by the end of day, your muscles and bones are assured to be satisfied with the adventurous day out.

Quad Room Stay - What is a travel plan without your pack? Spacious to accommodate four persons in one room, escape the stress of the mundane with your loved ones and plan a fun filled getaway with us. Post time spent engaging in the activity of your choice outdoors, you could crawl into the comfort of a quad room alongside a friend.

Dormitory Stay - If you are a solo traveler who likes to befriend fellow adventure lovers or if you are perhaps, a large group hoping to indulge in an exciting getaway; your time spent at the dorm is sure to be as interesting as your time spent exploring the place.

Camping Tent Stay - If you have been waiting for a chance to experience the joy of pitching a tent out in the open to the sounds of nature and the crackling of a bonfire, you are bound to love the camp stay with us. Join us for the exciting adventure that does not end even as the night falls.

At Hombale Resort in Bangalore we encourage you to discover the outdoor experience that suits your taste best and by redefining luxury by providing you with a myriad of enticing choices, we welcome you to indulge in the exclusivity at our homestays.